8 Things I Wish I Knew At 18

It’s been a couple years since high school. I graduated and made it through undergrad, graduate school and now I’m attempting to take on adult life. I look back and I remember myself always thinking how tough and demoralizing high school was for me. I hated it. I literally thought it was the worst time [...]

To The Best Friend That Isn’t My Best Friend Anymore

As we get older, I feel as though our circles start to shift more than we really expect them to. Sometimes more suddenly than anticipated. We get older and our lives start to change at different paces and sometimes those friends just don’t understand the directions we’re heading. Our views on life change and sometimes [...]

Young, Dumb & Broke

What a title to draw you in. Young, Dumb and Broke. Today’s blog post was honestly inspired by Khalid and his song “Young, Dumb & Broke”. I typically do not listen to rap music but this song came across my Spotify one day and I caught myself singing along after never hearing it before. It [...]

Friends In Low Places

I have talked a lot about change on the blog lately. But I believe it’s a good thing. One major thing that comes and goes as you get older is your friend group. Life is changing for us at all different speeds. Some friends just don’t want to hang at your speed anymore and others [...]

Why We Oil

Essential oils have been around for centuries, but really, it’s been in the past ten years that oils have really become mainstream. Why you ask? Because people are realizing that there are different alternatives out there. 100s of years ago, when people were ill and went to the doctor, they weren’t given a pill to [...]

Embracing The Change

This might be dramatic but I think I’ve hit a low point in my life. But really I’m trying to turn it around to embrace it. So let’s start from the beginning: Growing up, I was as tiny as can be. I mean seriously. I was a bean pole. Even my husband said that if [...]

Life As Mrs. Cox

It has been a common question these past few days… “What does it feel like to be married now?!?” Well… If I’m being honest, nothing feels different just yet. I mean, we’ve already been living together since last March, so it’s not like we finally moved in together this week. Which by the way, shout [...]